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Who are the famous LED manufacturers?

As the global energy landscape changes. Energy conservation and environmental protection have become issues that mankind must face. In the lighting industry LED lighting, as the best light source for energy saving and environmental protection, has gradually replaced traditional light sources.
What are the main manufacturers of LED

Today we would like to introduce you to the world's leading LED manufacturers.


NICHIA is the pioneer of GaN, and ranks first in the world in LED and laser fields.

In the blue and white LED market is far ahead of other similar enterprises.

It is known worldwide for the development of blue leds and is the largest fine chemicals manufacturer with phosphors as its main product.

It accounts for 70 percent of the domestic market and 36 percent of the global market. In addition to lamps, phosphors are also used for CRT, PDP, and X-ray, which is a solid foundation for NICHIA to expand its LED business.

In addition, NICHIA also produces magnetic materials, battery materials and thin film materials and other fine chemical products, widely involved in various fields of light.

In the company’s LED production, 70% are white leds, mainly monochrome chip type and RGB three color type of two types.


Cree was founded in 1987 and is located in California, USA. Primarily engaged in the development of SiC, GaN and Si substrates, it is a leader in wide bandgap materials and devices in the United States and one of the largest companies producing GaN materials. 

The most prominent is their contribution to blue LED, the company in the SiC substrate growth GaN epitaxial sheet production blue light has a patent, the patent is different from NICHIA’s patent on blue light produced by GaN epitaxy grown on sapphire substrate., and blue light is the basis of white light generation, so in the LED upstream also occupies a core position. 

The company’s products include green, blue and ultraviolet leds, near-ultraviolet lasers, RF and microwave semiconductor devices, power conversion devices and semiconductor integrated chips. 

These products target applications such as solid-state lighting, optical storage, wireless infrastructure, and circuit conversion.


Founded in 1999, Lumileds Lighting is a world-renowned LED manufacturer headquartered in SAN Jose, California, with operations in the Netherlands, Japan and Malaysia. 

Lumileds is a leader in solid state lighting applications including automatic lighting, computer displays, LCD TVS, signal lights and general lighting. 

Luxeon, which the company has patented, is the first high-power light-emitting material that combines traditional lighting with leds that have advantages such as small pins and long life.

Lumileds was built from scratch by HP’s opto-electronics division 40 years ago. By the late 1990s, having realized the promise of solid-state lighting, HP and Philips(one of the world’s largest lighting companies)began a project to develop the latest solid-state lighting technology and bring it to market. 

In 1999 HP split in two and its optoelectronics division was acquired by Agilent Technologies. In November of that year, the huge market potential LED Agilent and Philips to form Lumileds, which was given the mission of developing and marketing the world’s brightest LED light-emitting materials. 

Today Lumileds, as a joint venture between Agilent Technologies and Philips Lighting, continues to lead the world’s solid state lighting industry. 

The company’s patented Luxeon power light source technology is the first to combine the brightness of traditional lighting with the small size, long life and other advantages of leds. 

Lumileds produces 1 billion leds per year and provides core LED materials and LED packaging.

What are the main manufacturers of LED


OSRAM is one of the world’s two largest lighting manufacturers, founded in 1919, headquartered in Munich, with more than 36,000 employees worldwide. 

OSRAM was registered as early as 1906 and is by far one of the oldest trade names in the world.

OSRAM has patented blue light +TGA phosphor white light technology, which is different from NICHIA (Blue light +YAG phosphor). 

OSRAM has developed GaN-type optoelectronic devices with SiC substrate. It uses the combination of blue light LED chip and yellow phosphor to generate white LED, which has advantages in large-size LCD backlight, white lighting and automotive LED products. 

OSRAM’s main business areas are the European market and the automotive white LED market, and it has a distinct market segment from NICHIA.


If the LED is compared to a car, it can be said that NICHIA proposes the concept of wheels and engines, while ToyodaGosei proposes the concept of body and tires. In 1986, ToyodaGosei used its own accumulation in automotive parts film technology, began to develop LED. 

In 1987, ToyodaGosei successfully formed LED electrodes on sapphire. Therefore, ToyodaGosei as the “pioneer of blue LED” is not an exaggeration.

ToyodaGosei has also grown rapidly in recent years. In terms of applications, mobile phones account for 72%, and LCD backlight (3in1) on the back of keys is also widely used. 

Signal devices and large display screens are also widely used. Other target markets for ToyodaGosei include navigation systems for cars, LCD controllers for computers, and backlights for large LCD screens for TVS.

What are the main manufacturers of LED


GELcore is a joint venture between GE Lighting and EMCORE, founded in January 1999 and headquartered in New Jersey, USA. In February 2007, GELcore changed its name to Lumination. 

The company is committed to the development and production of high brightness LED products. 

By combining GE’s advanced lighting technology, brand strength and global channel with EMCORE’s authoritative semiconductor technology, GELcore has played an important role in transforming the way people think about lighting. 

GELcore is involved in almost all GaNLED-related products, and its existing products include high-power LED traffic lights, large landscape lights, and other construction, consumer and special lighting applications. 

By combining technologies from various fields such as electronics, optics, mechanical and thermal management, GELcore accelerates the application of LED technology and creates world-class LED systems.


Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the company is an industry leader in the design, marketing and licensing of smart solid-state lighting systems and technologies. 

The company’s award-winning series of products take advantage of the practical and aesthetic properties of leds to break through the limitations of traditional light sources in high-performance lamps and OEM licensing applications. 

Its product and technology strengths have LED to a patent on digital intelligence called Chromacore (R), which can be used to generate and control millions of LED lighting colors and dynamic effects for stage and landscape lighting applications. At present, CK company has offices in the UK, China, and a joint venture in Japan.

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