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What is a better fishing light?

LED fishing light on the water, with energy-saving, side glow, high luminous efficiency, and strong penetrating power. LED fishing light can not only lure fish from deep waters to shallow waters for fishing at night but can also gather large phototropic fish species in deeper waters for fishing during the day.
What is a better fishing light?

Fishing light (also known as Fish Light or Fish lure light) is the most important auxiliary fishing equipment in offshore fishing operations and can be divided into two types: water lights and underwater lights.

Traditional fishing lamps have been widely used in squid fishing since the 1990s. The light source of traditional fishing lamps is mainly a halogen lamp, which is a thermal light source.

This traditional light source has the following disadvantages: high power consumption, high heat generation, the easy explosion of the lamps, light diffusion, etc. It has been unable to meet the needs of efficient fishing. With the technical maturity of LED fishing light, LED fishing light is now a mainstream and efficient tool for fishing operations.

LED fishing light on the water, with energy-saving, side glow, high luminous efficiency, and strong penetrating power. LED fishing light can not only lure fish from deep waters to shallow waters for fishing at night but can also gather large phototropic fish species in deeper waters for fishing during the day.

How LED Fishing Light Work

The LED fishing light has very obvious advantages over traditional halogen lamps. It operates on the principle that the scientific LED spectrum is combined into a high-intensity light that attracts plankton and small marine organisms to gather as the light hits the bottom of the water while tempting some phototropic fish species to gather and eventually be caught, thus increasing the catch.

With global oil prices rising and local government financial subsidies for fishing operations decreasing, a good LED fishing light can be beneficial for fishermen to add economic value.

The economic value of LED fishing light

Traditional halogen fishing light is simple in construction, but that is why they can easily lead to dangerous accidents.

What is a better fishing light?

In traditional fishing boats, hundreds of large tungsten bulbs, halogen bulbs, or high-pressure mercury lamps are usually suspended from the hull.

Not only do they use a lot of electricity, but they also produce a lot of heat and ultraviolet light. The high temperature of the lamp hull is prone to breakage and damage due to contact with cold seawater or rainwater, which increases the chances of fires on fishing boats and threatens personal safety.

Most conventional fishing light have low light penetration and need to provide high power, resulting in fishing boats being forced to set up multiple generators or electric batteries.


This increases the weight of the boat and ultimately leads to increased fuel consumption of the fishing boat, which is the bulk of the fishermen’s cost outlay.

An even greater disadvantage of traditional fishing light is that the excessive radiation of mercury causes skin lesions in fishermen, putting their lives at risk. The mercury content also affects the marine ecology.

Since 2005, Japan has been researching the use of blue LED fishing light to replace metal halide fishing lights in order to save energy consumption and improve the working environment.


The fuel consumption is only 1/3 of that of conventional fishing boats, and the amount of fish caught is equal to (or even better than) that of conventional fishing boats.

What is a better fishing light?

Compared to traditional fishing light, LED fishing light is not only strong in light (LED fishing light is usually at 800W, 95000lm), light in weight, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and have good heat dissipation.

Moreover, the LED fishing light has a more scientific spectrum, which is mainly divided into cyan, blue, white, and yellow light on the market. The different spectral combinations allow for the effective capture of squid, swordfish, swordfish, white scabbardfish, and some fish with phototropic properties.

During the interview, a Chinese fisherman said: “Compared to traditional halogen lights, we use LED fishing lights, and by combining different colors of light, fishing efficiency is increased by 20%.

He goes on to say: In the past, the local government had a subsidy policy. Even if we didn’t catch much each time we went fishing, we could still cover our costs. But now that the subsidies are being phased out, we have to find ways to increase the amount of fish we catch. With 200 LED fishing lights on one boat, plus fuel and other costs, we can make a good profit on a fishing trip.

Finally, he said: we started using light fishing in 2015 when we were using halogen lamps, which had a high breakage rate and weak light. After switching to LED fishing lights, the maintenance costs are reduced a lot, and the money saved is equivalent to our profit.

What is a better fishing light?

This shows that the maturity of LED fishing light technology has solved many problems for fishermen and brought more economic income.

Construction of the LED fishing light

Lamp body construction:

An efficient LED fishing light should have a robust construction that is waterproof, seawater resistant, and dissipates heat efficiently.

Construction of the LED fishing light

In the process of offshore fishing, fishermen usually stay at sea for half a month or more each time they go out, and at any time they will encounter a lot of bad weather, such as rain, high winds, thunder, and other natural weather. If the LED fishing light does not have a robust and durable structure, it will cause damage to the internal components and ultimately affect the fishing results.

Stable power supply drive system:

As mentioned earlier, fishermen will encounter a lot of bad weather during their fishing trips, which places high demands on the power supply system of the LED fishing light (also known as the power drive system of the fishing light).

Not only does it have to be able to operate normally with the fishing vessel’s own power supply system, but it also has to be able to avoid interference from signal electromagnetic waves and electrical surges generated by thunderstorms.

In addition to this, the fishing light power drive system is required to be waterproof and corrosion-resistant, otherwise, this will seriously affect the normal operation of the fishing light.

Heat Dissipation:

As we know, the principle of a light fixture is that it is converted into light energy by means of electrical energy. However, it is not possible to guarantee 100% energy conversion in this process, so heat is generated, and it is particularly important that the LED fishing light has an excellent heat dissipation system.

Typically, a good LED fishing light has two heat sinks.

1、The lamp body structure itself uses the superiority of the structure for air-cooled heat dissipation

2、Built-in or external fan for heat dissipation

Effective heat dissipation reduces the light decay of the LED and extends the life of the fishing light.

High-intensity light:

LED fishing light provides better light levels than traditional halogen lamps, provided that high-quality LED chips are used. A good quality LED chip not only enhances the light level and reduces light decay, but is also a key factor in the life of the light.

Usually, LED chips are packaged in 2835, 3030, 3535, and 5730. Different packaging methods and packaging processes can also affect parameters such as luminous flux, luminous efficiency, and luminous angle.

Because the light of fishing light needs to penetrate the seawater and shine into deeper waters. Therefore, LEDs with higher power are usually used to maximize the effect of fishing light.

Easy to install and maintain:

Since LED fishing light is used on fishing boats, in addition to the above factors, practicality should also be considered.


Typically, a 20-meter fishing boat needs 200 fishing lights (or even more). What fishermen need to consider is whether the fishing light is easy to install and remove for maintenance, and the weight of the fishing light will affect the fuel consumption of the fishing boat.

Therefore, a fishing light with high brightness, stable quality, and small size is very important for fishermen.

What is a better fishing light?


With the continuous development of fishing technology, LED fishing light have become indispensable equipment.

The rational use of fishing lights is an important part of improving fishing efficiency and economic benefits. What do you think about this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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