About the Warranty Policy

Dear customers, thank you for purchasing CHIDAO lighting products (hereinafter referred to as “CHIDAO“).

In order to strengthen the cooperation between the two sides and reduce after-sales disputes, CHIDAO would like to make the following warranty statement.

1. Warranty period.

According to different products, after confirmation by both parties, subject to PI instructions.

2. Warranty scope.

2.1 During the warranty period, the product itself caused by CHIDAO’s product can not be used normally and confirmed that no human disassembly and no external factors (such as transportation, collision, extrusion, etc.) were caused. are covered by CHIDAO’s warranty.

2.2 During the warranty period, the product is disassembled by non-CHIDAO employees or damaged by external factors (e.g. transport, collision, crushing, etc.). does not fall under the scope of CHIDAO’s warranty.

3. Quality inspection instructions.

3.1 Within the warranty period, the product has an overall failure, LED partial damage, driver partial damage, battery partial damage, controller partial damage, and other parts damage. And exclude the non-man-made disassembly caused by. Belong to the scope of CHIDAO warranty.

3.2 Within the warranty period, the product appears LED light failure, LED surface slight yellowing, lens slight yellowing, and wire slight aging. But does not affect the normal use of the product belongs to its own normal aging and does not belong to the scope of CHIDAO warranty.

3.3 Within the warranty period, artificial disassembly of the lamp structure, resulting in damage to LED, driver, battery, controller, lamp body, and other parts. Not covered by CHIDAO’s warranty.

4. Instructions for exchange, return, and refund.

4.1 After identification and consultation, it is determined that the damage is caused by the performance of CHIDAO’s products, CHIDAO will replace the parts or replace the new products according to the degree of damage to the products.CHIDAO does not provide repairers to visit your home.

4.2 Default from the next batch of orders together with the replacement parts or new products, CHIDAO bears the corresponding shipping costs.

5. Circumstances beyond CHIDAO’s reasonable control.

CHIDAO will make every effort to fulfill its obligations under this contract. However, CHIDAO shall not be liable for delays or failures to perform in the event of circumstances beyond CHIDAO’s reasonable control due to force majeure (e.g. major natural disasters, war, major public health events, political events, etc.).

6. If any of the above matters remain unresolved, both parties will negotiate on fair, objective, and friendly terms.

7. Zhongshan CHIDAO Lighting Co., Ltd. reserves the right to interpret this

Thank you again for your trust and support!

February 5, 2021

Zhongshan CHIDAO Lighting Co., Ltd.

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