Fishing light for fishing boats CD006

  • Fishing light for pelagic fishing
  • 800W high power, luminous flux up to 95000lm
  • Spectral design for different fish species
  • 20% increase in fishing capacity


Fishing light for pelagic fishing

Fishing light for fishing boats Fishing light for fishing boats

Traditional halogen fishing light is simple in construction, but that is why they can easily lead to dangerous accidents.

Special fishing light for fishing boats


In traditional fishing boats, hundreds of large tungsten bulbs, halogen bulbs, or high-pressure mercury lamps are usually suspended from the hull.

Not only do they use a lot of electricity, but they also produce a lot of heat and ultraviolet light. The high temperature of the lamp hull is prone to breakage and damage due to contact with cold seawater or rainwater, which increases the chances of fires on fishing boats and threatens personal safety.

Most conventional fishing light have low light penetration and need to provide high power, resulting in fishing boats being forced to set up multiple generators or electric batteries.

This increases the weight of the boat and ultimately leads to increased fuel consumption of the fishing boat, which is the bulk of the fishermen’s cost outlay.

An even greater disadvantage of traditional fishing light is that the excessive radiation of mercury causes skin lesions in fishermen, putting their lives at risk. The mercury content also affects the marine ecology.

Fishing light for fishing boatsAn efficient LED fishing light should have a robust construction that is waterproof, seawater resistant and dissipates heat efficiently.

In the process of offshore fishing, fishermen usually stay at sea for half a month or more each time they go out, and at any time they will encounter a lot of bad weather, such as rain, high winds, thunder, and other natural weather. If the LED fishing light does not have a robust and durable structure, it will cause damage to the internal components and ultimately affect the fishing results.

Fishing light for fishing boats

1、The lamp body structure itself uses the superiority of the structure for air-cooled heat dissipation

2、Built-in or external fan for heat dissipation

Effective heat dissipation reduces the light decay of the LED and extends the life of the fishing light.

Fishing light for fishing boats

Adopt Osram high brightness LED chip. Luminous flux 95000lm.

Fishing light for fishing boats

Waterproof power drive:
Input voltage 220-265V, suitable for fishing boat power supply system.
With anti-surge, anti-signal band interference, anti-corrosion, IP66 waterproof.

Fishing light for fishing boatsAdjustable angle stands for easy installation and maintenance.

Fishing light for fishing boatsThe waterproof connection port is sealed to ensure no water and no leakage during use.

Fishing light for fishing boats



800W ±5%

Input voltage




Heat Dissipation System

Natural air cooling + built-in cooling fan

Product size


Selectable light colours

Yellow light
Blue light
Red light
White light

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