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From the very beginning of our business, we have been inspired to be the best LED lighting manufacturer.

This belief runs through every product!

CHIDAO has consistently committed to the research, development, production, and sale of energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting products. Our areas of expertise include public lighting, solar lighting, commercial fishing lighting, and specialized LED lighting fixtures.

Since 2018, CHIDAO has been providing services to businesses, social organizations, government agencies, and individuals in over 15+ countries and regions worldwide, leveraging the high quality, reliability, and durability of our products.

CHIDAO possesses a manufacturing facility with an area exceeding 2000 square meters and boasts a team of over 50 professionals. We steadfastly adhere to the principle that quality is the foundation of survival. Rigorously adhering to a scientific quality management system, we deliver reliable products and high-quality services to our customers.

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Fishing Lights, utilizing LED spectrum technology, enhance fishery yields for fishermen during offshore or nearshore fishing operations.

In the global context of climate change and energy scarcity, solar street lights, characterized by enhanced energy efficiency and convenience, have emerged as the optimal solution.


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Invest in a brighter future with innovative and high-quality products.

Join the global LED fishing technology. Explore how LED technology can provide your fishing industry with efficient, cost-effective, attractive, and low-maintenance lighting. Learn about LED fishing light technology and integrate it with our economically viable, reliable, and sustainable lighting solutions to help your business thrive.

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Stringent, Swift, Reliable

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We are an LED lighting manufacturer located in Guzhen with 5 years of industry experience. Has strict product development, production management, and quality control system.

Outdoor Flood Lights Street Lights Solar Lights LED Manufacturer
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We are located in Guangdong, China, where we have a wealth of industry resources that not only allow us to have a wide range of products, but also allow us to deliver faster.

Outdoor Flood Lights Street Lights Solar Lights LED Manufacturer
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For our products, carefully crafted, we are a one-stop-shop to ensure the quality of our products, from material inspection, production process, quality control, packaging, and transportation.

Outdoor Flood Lights Street Lights Solar Lights LED Manufacturer

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The unwavering commitment to creating unique value for customers

The LED fishing light solutions from Chidao have proven to be a significant triumph. Since the commencement of our collaboration, we have gained a stronger reputation and competitiveness in the market. We perceive this as a remarkable partnership!
The facts confirm that our decision was correct. 'Eleven' demonstrated her professionalism and patience in resolving numerous challenges for me. Our clients are highly satisfied with this solar street light project, which is truly remarkable.
Kipchoge William

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South China Sea

20 fishing vessels have upgraded from traditional fishing lights to LED fishing lights

Algeria Street Light Project

Transformation of a 5-kilometer street into an integrated solar street lighting system

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CHIDAO provides high-quality, reliable, and sustainable products and services, adhering to the philosophy of win-win cooperation, and jointly moving toward success!


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What is a DOB driver?

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What we usually call “de-drivering” is actually not no driver.

But a new driving method that is different

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